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FILIGRAN® steel lattice girders are used for reinforcement of precast concrete units in floor and wall systems. They are manufactured in the following types: E, D, EQ, JD, SE, SWE and FKJ.

Lattice girders are manufactured with automatic welding machines. They are supplied to customers in bundles of standard length of 14m or as ordered by the customers.

 The document that approves FILIGRAN® lattice girders for use in building industry is the Product Conformity Certificate 1/ZW/123) and 114-ZW-16 issued by "CEBET" Institute of Ceramics and Building Materials in Warsaw and ITB Technical Approval AT – 15 -2730/2015

All FILIGRAN® products are safe as they are manufactured with the use of modern machinery and applying the state-of-the-art technology. Conformity certificates of these products are issued in 1+ system imposing the most stringent quality requirements for the manufacturers. They confirm compliance with the requirements of the Ordinance of the Minister of Infrastructure dated 11 August 2004 on the methods to declare the compliance of construction products and marking thereof with a construction mark.

Information on technical approvals and certificates of conformity are available on the Internet in "Baza Atest" (Certificate Database) at: http/www.atest.budmedia.pl/.

Our offer includes planar lattice girders and space lattice girders of FILIGRAN® and Teriva types.

Space lattice girders are composed of a top part including one steel bar and a bottom part including two steel bars and cross braces made of steel bars arranged in two planes.

Planar lattice girders are composed of two longitudinal bars joined with continuous cross braces or sectional cross braces.

All bars are round in cross section and made of steel class A-III N, grade: B500A.  

We are able to manufacture lattice-girders from 7 cm to max 30 cm high

Bottom bars: 5.00 to 14.0 in diameter

Cross braces (diagonals): 5.00, 6.00 and 7.00 in diameter

Top bars: 5.00 to 14.00 in diameter



More information on the rebars can be found in the Technical Approvals and Certificates tab.