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Steel in Coils

 Our offer includes wires and FILIGRAN® B500A rebar designed for reinforcing concrete parts and structures, production of welded lattice girders and reinforcing meshes, as well as for use in road and bridge construction. The wires and rebar are approved for use by ITB Technical Approval AT-15-2305/2014 and IBDiM Technical Approval No. AT/2006-03-1124/3

 FILIGRAN® B500A wires (coils) are cold-rolled.

 We manufacture WIRE in the following diameters:

Ø 5, ribbed

Ø 5, plain

Ø 6, ribbed

Ø 6, plain

Ø 7, plain

Ø 6, ribbed

Ø 8, ribbed

Ø 10, ribbed

Ø 12, ribbed

Ø 14, ribbed

The above wires are manufactured in 1t, 2t or 3t coils (according to the customer’s order). Left- or right-hand coiling is possible.

After each delivery we supply information about the product and the certificate for the specific steel product including:

product marking (name, address, trade name and trademark, and rated diameter of the product)

ITB Technical Approval No. At-15-2305/2014 or IBDiM Technical Approval No. AT/2006-03-II24/3

number and date of issue of the national declaration of conformity name of the certifying body participating in the assessment of conformity construction mark

In order to ensure that each customer receives products that meet all standards we conduct an internal production control comprising:

inspection and testing during production process and testing of finished goods carried out in compliance with the predefined testing schedule and in line with the rules and procedures specified in the internal production control documents adapted to the production technology employed and aimed at the attainment of the required properties of products.

The production control system ensures that the products are compliant with the ITB Technical Approval AT-15-2305/2014 and IBDiM Technical Approval No. AT/2006-03-1124/3. Quality control results are periodically recorded. Entries made in the quality log confirm that the products meet the conformity evaluation criteria.

More information on the rebars can be found in the Technical Approvals and Certificates tab.