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FILIGRAN S.A. is an enterprise founded in mid-1990s in Poland. Initially we followed the business model of FILIGRAN TRÄGERSYSTEME GMBH& CO KG, headquartered in Germany. Currently our operations are based on the company’s history and track record, as well as the launch of FILIGRAN® construction technology, which has been developed in close cooperation with our customers. We see ourselves as a reliable partner for our customers, operating in line with the general interests shared in the sector. The company’s head office is located in Herby, 20 kms away from Częstochowa.

The company’s business profile comprises the production of lattice girders, cold-rolled reinforcing steel: smooth and ribbed, in bars and coils, and welded steel mesh.

We hold appropriate certificates and licences for the scope of work performed.
Our company is committed to maintaining a long-term growth, that’s why we continue to invest in the development of our plant and further improvement of our staff’s skills and abilities.

We are a forward-looking enterprise, with autonomy and ownership as the typical features of the way in which we do business.


„The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.”
– Benjamin Franklin

Our strong dedication to partnership and cooperation, which is our cutting edge on the market, is also reflected in the way we deal with suppliers, financial institutions and employees, as we believe in the long-term value of mutual trust and honesty.

Besides, following a fair play policy is also a rewarding thing to do!