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The FILIGRAN® – Punching Shear Reinforcement FDB is a punching shear reinforcement that has been optimised for flat slabs using the FILIGRAN® construction method. The FDB enables punching loads that are more than doubled (factor 2.1) higher compared to slabs without punching shear reinforcement. A characteristic feature are the diagonal loops which protrude on the upper chord. This punching shear reinforcement is installed parallel to each other and placed directly on the lower transverse reinforcement. The easy installation is the biggest advantage of this punching shear system.

Design program

You can download the latest design programmes version 19.08 here

This tool designs FILIGRAN® punching shear reinforcement FDB.
The design programme was programmed for Microsoft Windows and requires the .NET framework. If you experience any difficulties while installing or running then please install the framework and restart the computer.

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