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Our offer includes wires and FILIGRAN® rebars in grade B500A, B550A, K500AB-WR.

They are used for reinforcement of precast reinforced concrete systems, production of welded lattice girders and reinforcement meshes and in road and bridge construction.

The documents certifying that the FILIGRAN® cold rolled steel is approved for use in the construction industry are:

  • Certificates of Conformity of the product 57/14 and 29/16 issued by Zakłady Badań i Atestacji „ZETOM” w Katowicach Sp. z o.o. (AC 005)
  • ITB Technical Approval No. AT-15-2305/2014
  • IBDiM Technical Approval No. AT/2006-03-1124/3

All bars have a cross-section close to circular and are made of steel in grade:

  • B500A with approval valid in Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia
  • B550 with approval valid in Austria and Slovakia
  • K500AB with approval valid in Sweden.

We manufacture cold rolled steel in coils with following diameters:

  • ribbed ø: 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 14
  • plain ø: 5, 6, 7

The above wires are manufactured in one-tonne, two-tonne and three-tonne coils (according to customer’s request). The wire can be wound onto the drum both as left-hand lay and right-hand lay wire.

After each delivery, we provide the following information on the product:

  • Product marking (name, address, product name and trade mark and nominal diameter)
  • ITB Technical Approval No. At-15-2305/2014 or IBDiM Technical
  • Approval No. AT/2006-03-1124/3
  • PN-EN 10080:2007 standard
  • Number and issue date of the national declaration of performance
  • Name of the certification body that took part in the conformity assessment
  • Construction mark
  • Safety mark